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In March of 2021, Cell Tower Osprey Management (CTOM) launched the Migratory Bird Assistance Hotline. This 24/7 call center supports Telecommunications crews at sites around the country when birds or their nests are present. Avian Specialists armed with an understanding of industry needs, avian biology, and knowledge of the state and federal regulations protecting birds. We are equipped to answer questions, identify species, and make recommendations for acquiring legal and safe work access to sites hosting nesting birds.

Species At A Glance

The above chart documents that of the 893 hotline calls received in 2021, 874 nesting species were identified and guidance was provided on how and/or when work could proceed. This hotline resource has proven to be very useful given the essential service-reliability repairs, and the strict 5G upgrade schedules Wireless Providers must manage to maintain FCC commitments and public needs. As expected, Ospreys continue to be the dominant tower-nesting species, and based on generational habituation, their preference for nesting on cell towers will continue to expand the challenges the Telecommunications Industry faces.

Gregg Thompson acknowledgment: Many thanks to Gregg Thompson for his tireless efforts to capture the dignity and beauty of Ospreys through his love of photography and for allowing CTOM to showcase his work on our website.

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