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The Problem

As bird populations increase, cell towers and other human-engineered structures become attractive nesting sites. Cell towers in particular provide a commanding view of the surroundings and security from predators.

While many different birds nest on towers, Ospreys are the most common tower-nesting species. However, as Bald Eagles expand their population and select towers as nest sites, their more stringent federal and state protections will further complicate the industry’s challenges with nesting birds

CTOM understands the importance of gaining access to equipment while protecting nesting birds. When nesting birds challenge your access requirements, our qualified staff will guide you through the process to secure access, serve as liaisons with wildlife agencies, and provide solutions to birds nesting on your equipment.

Observation & Evaluation

Access to towers for repairs, maintenance and upgrades starts with reliable observations. Our qualified biologists spend up to six hours at each site collecting data to inform our guidance and recommendations regarding your needs.

These site-specific evaluations document the nesting species and the stage of the breeding cycle, critical information for determining if legal access can be obtained. Based on scientifically-proven best practices, we interface with wildlife agencies to develop safe and legal access plans.

Working with Wildlife Agencies

Federal regulations such as the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act (BGEPA), as well as state and local laws, restrict access to structures supporting active bird nests.

These laws regulate if, when and how you access your equipment when birds are present. Understanding these regulations can be challenging. Restricted access means delayed repairs and maintenance and upgrades.

CTOM works closely with wildlife agencies to resolve access restrictions with solutions that are legal and safe for the wildlife.


When urgent access is required to reinstate service or repair equipment our avian specialists will provide rapid site-specific evaluations and access plans across the USA through our 24-hour hotline: 1-844-OSPREYS (1-844-677-7397)

The urgency of repairs is balanced with the nesting-cycle stage and regulations to develop the best solution for addressing the issue.

Safely Discourage Osprey Nesting

Designed and patented by raptor scientist Bud Anderson, the ONE is 100% effective in proactively preventing Ospreys from nesting when installed on newly constructed cell towers.

To date, 24 ONEs have been deployed, successfully excluding Ospreys from nesting on those cell towers for seven years.

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